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Child Centric Children’s day (baldin) celebrated at SXSSS

14th November - Children’s day - the day that comes every year yet so different, so unique each time. As a part of our work with children St. Xavier’s Social Service Society (SXSSS) celebrates Children’s Day every year. For the children we are working with, it is a Children’s Day OUT - a day when they get an opportunity to come out of their areas, enjoy and have fun together.


This year the Children’s day celebration was held on 27th November for around 2000 children which included around 400 students of Loyola School - so different in many ways, they experienced a sense of togetherness being children on Children’s Day. They belonged to diverse social strata – rich and poor; they hailed from different geographical areas; they came from communities that professed different caste and creed; they were small and big.

The celebration was organized in three parts: 1- circus; 2- Samooh Bhojan (having food together) and 3- Funfair. The day started very early for our children today. By 9 in the morning they were assembled for a wonderful experience of circus on University ground. The special show organized for them was a life time experience for many or most of them indeed.

After the circus the children were brought to Assembly Hall, Loyola school and SXSSS for simple but sumptuous lunch together. The large campus of the school was then open for them to enjoy and make merry. The most attractive event of the year for them was to participate in Funfair (Anand Mela) organized for them by the students of Loyola School. The students of Loyola School went out of their way with the resources at their command to bring joy to their brethren who are not as privileged as they are. The seeds of social orientation of concern and responsibility towards the less privileged are sown in small yet significant gesture. Every child that took part in the Anand mela carried “bags of gifts in their hands and joy in their hearts”

It is worth noting that the event was fully children centric. A special effort of child to child was implemented. Senior children took care of the younger ones for the entire day. Because of this effort although there was huge crowd of children every child was cared for. Thus, it was their day in a true sense! Of course, the special Vadilal ice-cream was the icing on the cake.

Paul D'Souza


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